My name is RJ and my love for reading the Bible, God’s Word, has become my favorite pastime and/or hobby.  As I read, I ponder each verse and chapter and try to listen to what God is telling me.  I also research Commentaries written by the Masters and I research Historical and Scientific resources as well in order to glean data that will aid me in my study of the Bible.

I have been trying to organize my learning of the Scriptures in a way which will help me and others to grow in our knowledge and faith of our Lord.  I am using this website as an outlet for my own thoughts, and I sincerely hope you will find the information interesting and meaningful. Thank you for visiting.

Post Script:  My husband, RJ, has devoted his life to reading and learning God’s word.  I am sorry to say that he passed away in July, 2016, before completing the development of this website.  It was RJ’s sincere desire to “make a difference in others’ lives”, helping them realize that they must say, “Yes,” to Jesus’s offer of salvation in their lives, and learn more about living a Christ-like life. I have accumulated RJ’s writings, and am attempting to assimilate them, in order to fulfill his objective of sharing what he has learned in his studies with the world.  Thank you or visiting his website and may God bless you.